Curious Tertill Behaviors

Tertill’s starts and stops and beeps can be a little puzzling, but don’t worry.  If you have successfully started your Tertill (it moved around) but it stopped, your Tertill is just recharging.  Leave it be, and at the end of the day, if there has been some sun, the proof of its labors will be that it has moved around and whacked some weeds.

Tertill may beep a couple of times during the recharge, and it won’t be visible to the app because it’s conserving energy in order to charge the battery.  Again, don’t worry, it will restart on its own (as soon as the battery is 70% charged).

You may notice that Tertil spends more time resting in the sun than it does moving around -- sort of like a real turtle! Why doesn’t Tertill run longer?  Well, first of all, it doesn’t need to.  Tertill is designed so that it doesn’t actually need to run any more than it does in order to keep a typical (100 square foot) garden clear of weeds.

It rests more than it runs because the sun doesn’t provide enough energy to run all the time.  If you’d like to see it run longer, you can charge Tertill through its sealed USB port – but it’s rarely necessary for most gardens.

Like crops and weeds, Tertill runs on the sun, so it runs at “plant speed”.  It may be slow, but it’s faster than a weed!

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