Trouble connecting with iOS App

(Updated June 11, 2019)

There is an issue with certain iPhones, leaving them unable to connect to the robot.  Assuming the robot is on and in range (within 50 feet or so), the robot will appear in the main screen, but when you tap on the robot's name, it will either not connect at all, or connect and just display the status.  

We have identified the issue, which was caused by a change in the way that the Bluetooth software works in the 8, X, Xs, and XR versions of the iPhone, which was not properly handled in the robot software.  This has been addressed in robot software version 1.0.8 and above.

Unfortunately, there is no phone-side workaround available,  and therefore the update needs to be done from a iOS/Android device that is not one of the above versions (8, X, Xs, and XR).

The latest versions of the apps in the Google Play store and iOS App Store have the updated robot software.

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