General Troubleshooting

Symptom Cause Remedy
LEDs don’t turn on Battery charge too low Leave robot in sun or charge via USB port
Robot turns away from big weeds Tall plants aren’t recognized as weeds Remove tall weeds manually
Small weeds aren’t cut Weeds too short to be sensed Wait, weeds will be cut when they grow and trigger the sensor
Robot doesn’t cover the whole garden Vegetation is too dense Reposition leaves to give Tertill a clear path.  Raise leaves so Tertill can run under leaves.
Robot doesn’t start automatically 1) Extended cloudy period 2) Robot is in Hold mode 1) Wait for sun or charge via USB 2) Press and release power button to enter patrol mode
Robot gets stuck Garden contains a terrain trap Eliminate ruts, holes, or rocks that can trap Tertill
Robot patrols but weeds are growing 1) Whacker string too short 2) Garden is large 1) Replace string 2) Use supplemental USB charging so robot runs longer
Robot won’t respond to button press or button hold Transient event caused robot to enter hardware safe mode Attach powered USB cable to return robot to a responsive mode

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