What do the lights mean?

The five LEDs are used to indicate errors and normal operating states.

In the following "Green/Blue)" means: Blue if connected to a mobile device and Green if not connected.

  • NO LEDs - Tertill is either in Off mode or in AutoCharge mode. If you want to make sure it is in Off mode press and hold the button for 10s and observe the power off sequence (momentary center red LED indicator). From any NO LEDs mode press and release the button to power up Tertill into Standby mode.
  • Magenta (any pattern) - Initial power up, disappears after a few seconds.
  • Green/Blue Back-and-Forth Sweep - Tertill is in Standby mode. Press and release the button to put Tertill to work by entering Patrol mode.
  • Green/Blue Outside-to-Inside (Arrow) - This is a warning that Tertill is about to start Patrolling. Make sure it is in a safe place and not, for example, on a table top or ledge it could drive off of. Tertill is not "cliff aware".
  • Center Green/Blue - Tertill is Patrolling. Sit back and relax.
  • Center Red - Tertill is powering off. When the center red LED turns off Tertill is off. Press and hold the button for 10s to power off the robot.
  • Blue Left-to-Right Sweep - Tertill is updating it's software from your mobile device, this may take a few minutes to complete. Keep your mobile device in Tertill's vicinity (20ft/6m) to avoid losing the connection.

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